Higher Education Marketing

Prioritize Video

Make sure your school is prioritizing multiple kinds of video content on your website and different platforms. Between TikTok and YouTube, students spend a huge amount of their day consuming videos. It’s often their preferred medium.


Own The Search Results

Focus heavily on keywords and other tactics for your site to improve search engine marketing (SEM). This means you should be pursuing both free search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising.


Start Digital Advertising

If you decide to do paid digital advertising, we recommend first focusing on high-intent searchers before moving “up the funnel” and casting a wider net on display and social. Be sure to use tracking pixels on your site to ensure that conversions are being tracked properly.


Create Landing Pages

So, you’ve optimized your SEO strategy, started digital advertising, and you’re getting more traffic to your site. But those site visitors aren’t converting or filling out program interest forms! Not to worry, you may just need some quality landing pages to engage your site visitors at this stage in your marketing funnel.


Prioritize A Mobile-First

According to the Institute of Business Management, more than 74% of Gen Z says they spend their free time online and roughly 75% most frequently use a smartphone over computers and other devices. This means that your institution’s site should work amazingly well on mobile devices to ensure a great user experience.


Intentionally Craft Content

When assessing your higher education marketing efforts, consider the purpose and intent of your content. You need to tell a story with your website content. Clear, concise, relevant content should move the reader to action.


Structure Of Your Site

You want your site’s design and content to tell a good story. That requires a smooth information flow on each page, as well as well overall information architecture. The first step to designing (or redesigning) a website should be to determine the site information architecture by creating a sitemap.


Use Live Chat Software

Incorporating a proactive live chat feature on your site can help improve conversion rates by providing a quick and easy way for site visitors to clarify anything they may have questions about, without feeling the need to email or call someone directly.


Use Real Photography

As you plan out content, video, and photography for your site, remember that you’re not just competing with other schools – you’re competing with the whole social media and entertainment world and all the distractions it brings.


Keep Accessibility

Last, but certainly not least important, is accessibility! “Accessibility” simply means availability to every individual regardless of disability, situation, or other factors. If someone cannot use your website because of a disability the site is considered not accessible.



Higher Education Marketing